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5.30-6.30pm                WELCOMING PARTICIPANTS (Registrations & Refresh)

6.30-6.50pm                 WELCOME & INTRODUCTION
                                     Dr. Edmond Rock
, President (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

6.50-7.30pm                 OPENING CONFERENCE
Pr. Simin Meydani (Boston, USA)



8.00-8.30am                WELCOMING PARTICIPANTS

8.30-10.40am              SESSION 1 - VITAMIN E 
                                   Chair: Pr. Simin Meydani & Serge Rezzi

8.30-9.00                     KEY NOTE - Pr. Manfred Eggersdorfer (Kaiseraugst, Switzerland)
                                    α- Tocopherol – a systematic review of intake and status globally.

                                  ORAL COMMUNICATION

9.00-9.20                    Francesco Galli
                                   Vitamin E metabolism and function.

9.20-9.40                   Lisa Schmölz
                                   Contribution of the structure of tocopherols and their long-chain metabolites to
                                   their biological effects.

9.40-10.00                  Jan Frank
                                   The long chain metabolite α-tocopherol-13สน-COOH may be responsible for the induction
                                   of xenobiotic enzymes previously attributed to the parent α-tocopherol.

10.00-10.20                Ann Anderson Berry
                                    Maternal and Infant Dynamics of Vitamin E Tocopherols

10.20-10.40                 Corrine Hanson
                                    Pro-vitamin A Compounds and Tocopherol Levels in Mother-infant Pairs from Midwest
                                    USA and Correlations with Fetal Growth

 10.40-10.50am          FLASH POSTERS

                                   Charlotte Cuerq
                                    Abetalipoproteinemia and chylomicron rentention disease: efficacy of two
                                    formulations of vitamin E in a randomized cross over clinical study.

                                    Gaspar Kocharyan
                                    Nonadditive antioxidant effect (synergy, antagonism) of bioflavonoid mixtures with trolox:
                                    water-soluble analogue of vitamin E.

      Kimitaka Takitani
      Dehydroepiandrosterone alters vitamin E status and prevents lipid peroxidation in
      vitamin E-deficient rats.

10.50-11.20am             Coffee break

11.20-11.50pm            FLASH POSTERS
Chair: Elina Hypponen & Patrick Sauvant

                                   VITAMIN D
                                    Poorya Shojai
                                    Development and Evaluation of bone tissue engineering scaffolds capable of
                                    controlled release of vitamin D.

                                   Ina Jasutiene
                                   Fortification of foodstuffs by cold water soluble vitamin D3 preparation.

   Natalia Davydova
   Comprehensive evaluation of Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) Dietary Supplement Tablets.

   Charlotte Lauridsen
   Bioavailability of vitamin D in pregnant and lactating pigs and the relationship to
   health biomarkers.

Argjira Juniku-Shkololli
Evaluation of the risk for developing colitis-associated cancer in patients
           with inflammatory bowel disease: the role of vitamin D.

Catherine Féart
           Lower vitamin D concentrations and higher long-term risk of dementia and
           Alzheimer's Disease.

                                     Ludmila Macova
                                     Vitamin D and other steroids in autism.


   Imar Djibrine Soudy
             Vitamin A status in non-pregnant women eating traditionally spirulina (Dihé) in Chad.

   Ronald Corbee
             Chronic vitamin A toxicosis in cats.

  Pierre-Jacques Brun
            The dual role of retinoic acid signaling in modulating insulin and glucagon secretion

11.50-12.40pm            SESSION 2 - VITAMIN K  
Chair: Omar Benzakour & Edmond Rock                 

11.50-12.20                Omar Benzakour
                                  Vitamin K: a vitamin like no other

12.20-12.40                 Catherine Desoto
                                   Speculations of possible implications of Vitamin K genotype differences
12.40-1.00pm              Meeting for planning future network for H2020 call (Serge Rezzi)
                                   Information will be provided at indoor registration

1.00-2.15pm                Lunch

2.15-2.50pm                Posters session

2.50-5.00pm                SESSION 3 - VITAMIN D
                                   Chair: Elina Hypponen & Robert Winwood

                                   ORAL COMMUNICATION                     

2.50-3.10                     Jean-François Landrier
                                   Vitamin D modulates adipose tissue biology: possible consequences on obesity ?

3.10-3.30                     Andrius Bleizgys
                                    Vitamin D Levels of Out-Patients: Variability by Age Groups and Seasons.

3.30-3.50                     Augusto Litonjua
     Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnancy to Prevent Asthma in Offspring –
                                    Results from the Vitamin D Antenatal Asthma Reduction Trial (VDAART).

3.50-4.10                    Emmanuelle Reboul
                                 ABCB1 is involved in vitamin D intestinal efflux.

4.10-4.30                   Charles Desmarchelier
                                 A Combination of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Is Associated with the Interindividual
                                 Variability in Vitamin D Bioavailability in Healthy Men.

4.30-4.50                    Anargyros Moulas & Elisabeth Katsianidou
    - Fortification of food for addressing vitamin D deficiency.
                                 - Educational material for promoting vitamin D awareness.

4.50-5.20                   Coffee break

5.20-7.10pm              SESSION 3 - VITAMIN D
Chair: Elena Angeloudi & Edmond Rock

5.20-5.50                     KEY NOTE - Elina Hypponen (Adelaïde, Australia)
                                  Vitamin D: is it beneficial or even safe?

                                   ORAL COMMUNICATION                      

5.50-6.10                     Robert Winwood
                                  Unexpected, pervasive Vitamin D deficiency in people living in the Middle East.

6.10-6.30                     Wolfgang Herrmann
                                  One-year B and D vitamins supplementation improves metabolic bone markers
                                  and homocysteine metabolism.

6.30-6.50                    Jeremie Talvas
                                  Can vitamin D boost production and circulating cathelicidin levels?

6.50-7.10                    Lauriane Bonnet
                                  Kinetic effect of high fat diet on vitamin D metabolism in mice.

                                  "Strengths and weakness" of supplemental vitamin D
                                   Chair: Pr. Simin Meydani
                                   Speakers: Elena Angeloudi, Elina Hypponen, Edmond Rock



8.30-10.00am              SESSION 4 - FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS
                                    Chair: Edmond Rock & Anargyros Moulas

8.30-9.00                     KEY NOTE - Catherine Feart (Bordeaux, France)
                                   Nutrient biomarker patterns, including FSVs, and risk of neuro-generative diseases
                                  (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease).


9.00-9.20                    Marielle Margier
                                   Impact of pulses on fat-soluble vitamins bioavailability.

9.20-9.40                   Irene Pusceddu
                                  The role of B and D vitamins in telomere length: results from the LURIC study
                                  and the Sud-Tyrolean study.

9.40-10.00                  Damien Prévéraud
                                  Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) display different solubilization
                                  capacities in mixed micelle solutions: effect of interactions with mixed micelle components
                                  and of cholecalciferol to self-associating properties.

10.00-10.30                 Coffee break

10.30-11.20am             SESSION 4 - FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS
                                  Chair: Patrick Borel & Patrick Sauvant

10.30-11.00                KEY NOTE - Adrian Franke (Honolulu, USA)
                                   Technology and methodology improvement of analytical approaches for FSV determination
                                   in biological samples.


11.00-11-20              Serge Rezzi
A fast and simultaneous quantitative profiling of fat soluble vitamins and carotenoids in                                   human plasma.

11.20-12.20               POSTER SESSION

12.20-2.00pm            LUNCH
                                Dedicated tables for participants willing to prepare a scientific project for H2020 call.

2.00-4.00pm             SESSION 5 - CAROTENOIDS
Chair: Volker Böhm & Patrick Borel

2.00-2.30                  KEY NOTE - Mr. Torsten Bohn (Luxembourg)
                                  Carotenoids - From Occurrence to Bioavailability to Bioactivity.


2.30-2.50                  Judith Hempel
                                 Food sources of macular pigments: studies into the bioaccessibility and physical
                                 deposition form of carotenoids from goji berries (<i>Lycium barbarum</i> L.).

2.50-3.10                  Emmanuelle Reboul
                                Canned spinach matrix does not significantly affect lutein bioavailability.

3.10-3.30                  Ilya Vasilyev
                                First identification of C50 carotenoids biosynthesis gene cluster in nematode-associated
                                bacterium Agreia bicolorata strain VKM AC-1804 and its abundance in coryneform
                                actinobacteria group.

3.30-4.00pm             Coffee break

4.00-5.50pm             SESSION 6 - VITAMIN A
Chair: Patrick Borel & Edmond Rock

4.00-4.30                  KEY NOTE - Mr. Patrick Sauvant (Bordeaux, France)
                               Seeing through the dark: vitamin A from deficiency in developing
                               countries to retinoic acid as a powerful and promising drug.                                        

                               ORAL COMMUNICATION

4.30-4.50                Consuelo Macias-Matos
                                CUBA-UNICEF: 18 years working together against vitamin A deficiency.

4.50-5.10                Georg Lietz
                               Influence of nutritional and physiological factors on total body vitamin A
                               stores using the isotope dilution technique.

5.10-5.30                Maria Vaiou
                              Comparative effects of Retinoic Acid and cytostatic drugs
                              on arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation.

5.30-5.50                Simone Frey
                               Quantification of Vitamin A in Palm Oil Using a Fast and Simple Portable Device:
                               Method Validation and Comparison to High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.

6.10-6.30pm           CLOSING SESSION - Edmond Rock, President